PatAnalysis is a comprehensive project management and analysis software developed by Riahi Patents using modern systems and technologies.

It automates most of the manual, repetitive and sensitive labour required to manage and analyze projects; thereby increasing the overall quality of our services at Riahi Patents.

A few of the features of PatAnalysis are mentioned below;

Render Patent & Non-Patent Literature

Easy search and rendering of Patent or Non-Patent Literature can be performed on PatAnalysis

Load Patent and Non-Patent Literature via Our Chrome Extension

Load a valid Publication Number or URL from any web source on PatAnalysis, by simply highlighting, right-clicking and selecting our Chrome Extension

Perform Keyword Searches on literature

For effective and accurate keyword searches on literature, the Keyword Highlighter on PatAnalysis is a powerful tool

Equipped with convenient and intuitive wildcards, it is easy and flexible to use

Annotate Literature

When analyzing literature, it is necessary to accurately keep track of relevant information

This can be done by creating document annotations on PatAnalysis

Annotations are highlighted and labeled for easy visibility

Visualize State of a Project

At a glance, users can clearly visualize the state of a project to determine what next steps are required

Automated Detailed Analysis of a Project

For detailed analysis of a project, the Project Analysis feature of PatAnalysis is thorough and reliable

Using its highly refined algorithm, it also provides a summary of the most crucial information about a project, so nothing is missed

Intuitive System to Track and Modify Project Information

Information on project references (relevant literature) are neatly organized and can be easily modified on review

Many features are also included, such as reference notes and project comments, to foster effective team collaboration