Your Product and Intellectual Property (IP) Assets 

Often, entrepreneurs and business owners may think which is the best IP Asset for their intellectual asset (product/service) – should they file a Trademark or a patent or they should keep their invention as a Trade secret. 

In fact, there can be multiple IP assets  that  could  be  used  for  developing  an  IP  portfolio  around  a  single product/service.  For example,  “Uber”  product  is  protected  by  a  portfolio  of  IP  assets  such  as  Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade secrets, and Industrial designs. The “Uber” name and logo is protected by trademarks, processes of searching and assigning a cab/driver is protected by patents, algorithms for    finding    a    shortest    and    cost    effective    route    are    protected    by    trade    secrets,    the commercials/advertisements for “Uber” are protected by copyrights and the wireframe model or design of Uber’s app/website is protected by industrial designs/design patents. 

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