Intellectual Property (IP) Roadmap for entry into new markets

If you are thinking about launching a new product or service in  an  existing  market  or  entering  a  new  market,  undertaking rigorous due-diligence in order to reduce business risks is imperative. This will ensure  protection  of  your company’s IP  rights  and at the same time prevent  third-party  rights’ infringement. You should perform due diligence including: 

  • Freedom   to   Operate   (FTO)   analysis   to   determine   third-party   IP   rights   related   to product/service features, design, etc. that might be infringed and pose a risk to the business and  reputation  of  the organization.  The  FTO  analysis  will  cover  all  forms  of  IP  rights including  patent  rights,  industrial  designs,  trademarks  and  copyrights.  Risk  mitigation strategies such as IP licensing or purchase, rebranding, product/packaging redesign, product feature work-around etc. can then be implemented, as appropriate.  
  • Assess necessity and opportunity for patent and trademark protection for a product/service in the appropriate market/jurisdiction for creating market leadership and generating commercial value through such IP rights. This will involve identifying patentability of innovative features as well as opportunities for obtaining trademark protection for brand names, logos, packaging, etc. in the jurisdiction under consideration.    
  • Determine availability of domain names for new brands and products. 
  • Identify IP licensing, franchising and technology transfer needs and opportunities for building market presence, distribution and supply chains. Appropriate contracts and agreements can be  leveraged  to  ensure  continuous protection  of  your company’s  IP  assets  and  rights with jurisdiction specific considerations. 
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